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We have been using RealTime for close to two years now, and through updates and additional features, there really isn't anything RealTime can't provide for us. The addition of subject documents has been invaluable as well. There is very little that I dislike. I highly recommend them. The helpdesk is great at answering questions. We're happy that you and your research team find the system easy to learn and use. Wish you could track visit entry into CRF Overall: We appreciate your business and thank you for the positive review.

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  • Login to access your RealTime-CTMS - Clinical Trial Management System - Complete Solution - Management, Payment, Appointment Reminders, Document.

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    login RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Clinical research. Clinical Research Trial Software Systems - Management, Payment, Appointment Reminders, Document Storage - Complete solution from study start to finish.
    David, thank you for your great review!

    images realtime ctms login

    RT is clearly interested in what their customers think I was skeptical at first. Asia-Pac Summit Exhibitors: If our eDOCS product manager has not contacted you, he will soon. Would like to be able to add GST to our invoices. Budgeting and visit payment control have increased our revenue as our visits don't drop through the cracks.

    images realtime ctms login
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    This system is so user-friendly.

    Product List TrustRadius Realtime Ctms Log In

    Billing always seems to be a problem. It has made stipend payments much easier. The online video tutorials are great for bringing on new staff. Additionally, we are working on an update for our non-US customers to track government taxes such as GST.

    5 Ways that CTMS Can Add Value to Organizations · Key Takeaways from SCRS · Benefits of MobileAPP Usage for Research Data Collection · Major.

    images realtime ctms login

    Easy access to subject or study information RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Enterprise class data encryption and user log-in security. RealTime-CTMS will guide you from study start-up to study close-out, and More Information» Login with LinkedIn.
    Would like to be able to add GST to our invoices.

    images realtime ctms login

    I could try to come up with things that could be added or improved on, but the truth is RealTime is always a step ahead of us. Ease of use for our staff.

    RealTimeCTMS Reviews and Pricing

    Build data parameters into form fields to ensure completion, accuracy and eliminate errors. We have interns and some staff who only use RealTime for specific things, like referencing the calendar, or scheduling appointments.

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    All the products offering, stipend payment, appointment reminders, eletronic regulatory and cutsomer support is excellent Cons:

    images realtime ctms login
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    It does everything and more.

    We are especially impressed with all the the staff at RealTime. RT is clearly interested in what their customers think Asia-Pac Summit Exhibitors: All trial information in one place for staff.

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    1. This system was created by a site and it shows! Our Part team trains each site on Part practices and helps to ensure site compliance.

    2. Love that you can upload study documents and search across a database for specific medical conditions Cons:

    3. Great value for the price. Hello Jen, thank you for your great review and continued support!

    4. Realtime also listens to the feedback that they get and makes changes to the system based on the feedback. The support team is always accessible for immediate answers that you may have plus the on-line university is available whenever you need to review.